Anti selfie bill

For street photographers like mindy alberto, everyday is an opportunity to capture a memory, an event but the anti-selfie bill is threatening people like him and. The protection against personal intrusions act, aptly called the “anti selfie bill” has some wide implications in the philippines the bill further notes that you. There's an 'anti-selfie' bill in congress -capturing any type of visual image, sound recording or by rg cruz, abs-cbn news.

anti selfie bill

A proposed measure dubbed the “anti-selfie bill” and which seeks to protect private persons from intrusive cameras has lost support in the house of. Take your anti-selfie.

For those who loves to take selfies in everyday of their lives and in everything they do, this may somehow serve as a bad news it also includes other individuals who.

A bill to protect personal privacy passed second reading in the house of representatives on 12 august 2014 a congressman and media groups say once it becomes law. Manila, aug 29 (ians) a bill that seeks to bar taking photos of people without their permission is under intense discussion in the congress in the philippines, said.

Anti selfie bill

The trending proposed law ”anti-selfie” bill was labeled by news articles and other sources the label, however, is not accurate as what exactly it. Baka mali ang intindi mo sa anti-selfie bill alamin kung ano nga ba ito ----- subscribe to the gma network channel - visit t.

The controversial “anti-selfie bill” has lost support in the house of representatives after a strong oppositions from the media, the proposed bill which seeks to. No to anti-selfie bill 112 likes anti-selfie bill is a restirction of freedom of expression and information to others. Manila - if you're the type of person who enjoys taking random snapshots of people, places, things and even the ubiquitous selfies and groupies and then posting them.

“selfie” is now the term used when you take a photo of yourself what is the real purpose of taking a photo isnt it for the future for you to remember memories. The anti selfie club was founded in the context of «black sun» at fondation beyeler in riehen/basel, switzerland the exhibition is devoted to the lasting influence.

anti selfie bill anti selfie bill
Anti selfie bill
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